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Sponsoring Airplane Ticket on Summer Shipboard Training Student

Date: 25 Aug, 2017  No Comments

Sponsoring Airplane Ticket on Summer Shipboard Training Student
The Naval Reserve Command conducts annual training to all advanced officers of different Naval Reserve Center. It is the Naval Science-43 or The Summer Shipboard Training where the students are subject to undergo active duty training for consecutive sixty (60) days.
The said training covers mastery for shipboard familiarization, shipboard drills and ceremonies, shipboard evolutions and naval ships parts and equipment. Students are also expected to comply and demonstrate skills and knowledge in connection to the said training.
However, upon completion and successful conduct of the said training. The Naval reserve Command Training Center encountered a problem where the funds for buying tickets of the trainees were delayed. This situation became the main problem of the students who are really affected. This are from Naval Reserve Center West namely P/ENS Merafe Dacuan PN (Res) and P/ENS Karl Jed Sayang PN (Res). This two participants are the third and eight for their overall academics rating. They need to go back to Palawan immediately due to processing of their job application.
Upon hearing this situation, the founder of MISTAH Foundation, RICHARD T GUBATAN PN(RES), extends an assistance to the said students by sending money that they can use to buy tickets for them to be in Palawan immediately. And the two students now are able to go back in Palawan, and they are very thankful about the assistance and kindness that the MISTAH Foundation has done to them. It was such a big help not only to the students but also to the Naval Reserve Center West.