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South Beach Daycare Center

Date: 21 Apr, 2019  No Comments

Purok 4, Barangay Panlaitan, Busuanga Palawan

A Daycare center prepares a child to officially undergo formal education. It is a place where a child starts to socialize and can enjoy learning with other kids. One of these school is the South Beach Daycare Center situated in an island Purok 4 in Barangay Panlaitan, Busuanga Palawan. 

Most of the the kids attending school are from other parts of the island and can be accessed by boat and 2-3 hours of hike on foot to reach the School. There are no permanent electrical powers source in the island. Given this situation, the parents untiringly supports their children and sent them to schools just to give them a better education. 

Once again on September 23, 2018, “Mistah” Foundation USA extended its support to the school led by CDR RICHARD T. GUBATAN PN (GSC)(Res) and volunteers from 41st Navy Squadron Reservist of Busuanga. 62 students received various school supplies and slippers and shared free snacks during the activity.

Hon Marietta Baltazar, the Barangay Chairman of Panlaitan was very thankful that their community was chosen by the Foundation. It motivates the students to study well and their parents to work hard for their children mr Chairman added.