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Sagrada Elementary School, Busuanga Palawan

Date: 21 Apr, 2019  No Comments

“Mistah” Foundation USA continues to inspire and give hope to our fellow Filipinos specially the students of Sagrada Elementary School in Busuanga, Palawan. On August 21, 2018, the team visited the school and donated various school supplies with the help of Philippine National Police (PNP) and 41st Navy Squadron Reservist of Busuanga Palawan.

The activity benefited 215 students that encourages them to continue to pursue proper education. The team was headed by CDR RICHARD T. GUBATAN PN (GSC)(Res), President of “Mistah” foundation. 

Heroism does’nt need a battle to fight, its just have a passion to help others. This act of heroism will re-echo to those kids in the future