Permaculture Projects

Permaculture Projects

Through its founding principles, Permaculture system utilizes natural resources situated within a dynamic living system towards reaching sustainable growth. Harnessing the environment, studying its ecological details, and interacting with the patterns of the wind, sun, rain, and topography are essential requirements to secure the resources needed for survival. By creating a system of sustainable design, community development will be more productive making the environment more fit for living.

Whether it comes down to food or energy, Mistah Foundation believes that ecological balance is a must and its resources should be distributed efficiently so as not to waste a single drop of water or even a grain of rice. By investing in sustainable, yet alone, renewable energy, we seek to empower and help communities live without the burden of having to worry about food deficiency, energy loss, and unsafe water.  With the foundation’s thorough cooperation, solid organization, and committed members, implementing permaculture projects will pave the way for regular access to high-quality food and sustainable energy.

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