MISTAH FOUNDATION on its 2nd and 3rd school outreach Program at Coron Palawan - Mistah Foundation

MISTAH FOUNDATION on its 2nd and 3rd school outreach Program at Coron Palawan

Date: 27 Jul, 2017  No Comments

IMG_9567 IMG_9568On the 10th – 11th day of July 2017, the MISTAH Foundation USA sponsored an activity to the two (2) selected schools in WEST Coast of Coron Palawan. Where in the students are not capable to buy a quality of school supplies and yet they are far from the main town. The foundation selected them because of the situation of their economic status and location. The President of MISTAH Foundation RICHARD T GUBATAN PN (RES) a sponsored of the school supplies and slippers to three hundred forty students (340) as a beneficiary of this activity. Most of the students came from families of fishermen’s; others do backyard gardening where products are sold for income but it is only seasonal due to water source. The team is composed of MISTAH Foundation as a principal sponsored, tie up with NRCW,NFRW,LGU and Bandera News.

On 10th July 2017 the team proceeded to BAYANG ELEM. SCHOOL, at Brgy. Torda, Coron Palawan. With 2hrs.Travel (35 Km) by land and 20 mins. Travel by boat. That the road is un- even, narrow and long road along mountain cliffs. The School has only 4 rooms that are not comfortable for the students because of the unfinished constructions. They also have only 4 teachers that are assigned it that area with a One hundred fifty seven (157) students who are the beneficiary of the school supplies and slippers. They also prepared programs for the team while distributing the items. Some of them that are too far from the school had given cash money for their additional allowance.
On 11th July 2017 the team proceeded to BENECAN ELEM. SCHOOL at Brgy. San Nicolas, Coron Palawan. A 25Km. away from the town of Coron where in the road is also un-even, narrow and long road along mountain cliffs and there school is located in the lap of the mountain. They had 4 teachers in the classroom of 4. With a One hundred eighty three (183) students who are also a beneficiary of school supplies and slippers.
All the beneficiaries of the said program were so thankful and happy for everything that they have received. The teachers and students stated that they are not regularly reach for the support of Dep-Ed because of their location. But because of the MISTAH Foundation they had again the courage to continue what they had to aim. The poverty is not a hindrance in learning.

The activity of the foundation became successful with the leadership of RICHARD T GUBATAN PN (RES), the volunteers from different sector as man power and support for this novel activity. The cooperation of the different authorities as well as the people during the activity builds a very remarkable yet important impact to our youth as their pursue education no matter how far and hard for them to finish what they dreaming of in the future to be a better citizen. The said activity aims to reach out all the people that need help when it comes to camaraderie and cooperation that signifies this organization by terms of sharing blessings to others.
Travel via boat going to Bayang Elementary School

Distribution of slippers and school supplies with the leadership of RICHARD T GUBATAN PN(RES), President of MISTAH Foundation (USA)
Group picture with the beneficiary, teachers, NRCW,NFRW and Bandera News Coron
Encouragement speech of Mr. GUBATAN PN(RES) as he spoke up to the youth for them to pursue their dreams no matter how far they are.
Distribution of school supplies and slippers to 183 students of Benecan Elementary Sch.
Road going to Benecan Elementary School
Benecan Elementary School classroom.