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To Serve & Protect Deserve a Give & Share

Date: 23 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

The Spirit of Giving and the Joy in Sharing, Some might ask why we keep on doing; Plenty of reasons, there are so many things, One is the happiness, to us, it brings.. Searching for people, communities to be helped out, But what’s in it for us some may doubt — Its the smiles on

Outreach Program in Brgy. Laoag, Aguilar, Pangasinan

Date: 23 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

In an event spearheaded by Mr. RICHARD GUBATAN, Founding President of MISTAH Foundation based in the US, the team composed of Regular and Reservists personnel of the Naval Reserve Center Northern Luzon,Philippine Navy headed by CDR.ZOSIMO P. VILLALON PN, and LT TOMIE JAY A MOLANO PN, also with the support of the PNP Aguilar, Pangasinan

December 16, 2015 – Simbang Gabi Fellowship

Date: 22 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

The way Filipinos celebrate the holidays is a celebration of its own. Its not just a week-long affair or a month-long occassion. In fact, it’s almost a 4 month build up once that calendar is turned to September 1st. Countdowns will begin. Carolers starts to roam the nights. Lanterns, colorful lights and garlands are everywhere.

The Green Act Lives On

Date: 21 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

With the holiday season fast approaching our ever busy lives, following things up wouldn’t hinder our celebration means and ways especially if we’re pausing for a brief moment to gather around our collective commitment in another step to the right direction. And that direction is going and moving forward. Into the future. Tomorrowland. A small

Rewarding Hardwork & Dedication

Date: 20 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

Time and time again, we intend to emphasize on the sole purpose of having quick access on tools that coincides with the technological advancement one could hope for — convenience. There is a glaring need for each and every Filipino in our society to, whether we like it or not, adapt to this development as

To Go Back is to Look Ahead

Date: 19 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

For today’s school children and with the existing teaching programme, an accessible computer can be a very essential educational tool. And it is highly advised to at least have one to start with. This helps them keep up with the advancement of information needed in terms of academic requisites as well as the development of

It Goes on and on – Brigada Eskwela

Date: 17 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

Located over the virtually suburban area of Sual, Sioasio East and Sioasio West were the latest destinations of Mistah Foundation to extend aid to and offer our simple form of service for its people last June 17 (Wednesday). In coordination with PNP Sual P/Chief Leo Llamas, we were able to conduct a Feeding Program for

Pro-Nature – Protecting & Nurturing our Nature

Date: 16 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

As our planet takes its annual turn moving closer to the sun, temperature changes reaching the warmest it can possibly get. Being a tropical country, we experience head-on effects of it. In fact, the highest temperature for 2015 by far was recorded in Cagayan last March 15 with temperatures peaking up to 34.5 degress Celsius

Remembering the 44 Fallen Heroes of PNP-SAF

Date: 15 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

There is fear of death. Then there is love for life. It has been said that it is in our nature of being that we will try and do everything in our capacity to avoid, slip past through or make a delay on the probabilities of dying. Of course, who wouldn’t? But is that even

Purpose-Driven Year

Date: 14 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

What could be the best possible way to kickstart the year right? To try and continue what we’ve been doing best by picking up right where we left things off, that is. For me, ones attitude behind this sacred act really matters. It reflects ones intent which pretty sums up his/her life’s objectives attributed to