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Mistah Foundation and Coron LGU for 33 Hec.

Date: 08 Jun, 2017  1 Comment  Mistah Foundation

The MISTAH Foundation works to promote and uphold the values of camaraderie, servant-leadership and nation-building through its network of military, police, other public safety workers, in collaboration with their friends and supporters in the Philippines and abroad. Due to its mission, the MISTAH Foundation extended help to different units in different ways. One of an


Date: 08 Mar, 2017  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

Its just a word. It is a five-letter word actually, with 4 consonants and just a single vowel. It can be used as a noun or as a verb. Trust. It builds confidence. It takes time to get a hold of. It is often earned but sometimes demanded. Like loyalty and honesty, its a rare


Date: 04 Mar, 2017  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

“Someday, the realm of liberty and justice will encompass the planet. Freedom is not just the birth right of the few, it is the God-given right of all His children, in every country. It won’t come by conquest. It will come, because freedom is right and freedom works. It will come, because cooperation and good

Its Cool in School

Date: 19 Dec, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

Yes, its that season again. With the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer.. Its the most wonderful time of the year — Christmas time! And Mistah Foundation chose to help our tomorrow’s leaders get education in a nice, more comfortable setting by providing air conditioning units inside their classrooms. School

Our Endless Crusade

Date: 15 Aug, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

“Do you get paid doing it?”, someone asked. “How much do you get for volunteering?”, another guy asked. We dont get paid for this. And we dont intend to ask any payment for this. The spirit of volunteerism is engraved among our outreach group, because deeply in our hearts and soul, we believe that it

Momentum & the Force within Us

Date: 06 Aug, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

Start reading the first page of the book, you’d eventually find yourself reading the entire novel. Walk a few steps and you’ll end up going through the entire route. Go out on a fishing trip for a couple of hours and you might spend the whole afternoon scouring the pen for a bounty of fresh

Just another day at the office..

Date: 22 Jul, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

On June 16, 2016 at about 10 in the morning, Mistah Foundation drove to another random location. It was ‘another day at the office’ like the saying goes, doing what they usually do for the very same reasons. Help someone. Make them feel valuable. Put a smile on their faces. Expect nothing. Repeat. In a


Date: 14 Jul, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

                If there’s a perfect way to do on a rainy season like this, it has got to be planting. Your own vegetable garden in your backyard, shrubs and bushes along your fences, starting your own bonsai collection or orchidarium and of course, planting a tree somewhere out

Mistah Foundation-SDU,AFP in Joint Outreach

Date: 26 Jun, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

The Mistah Foundation Directors and the Special Detail Unit, GHQ & HSC, AFP conducted a joint outreach in Sariaya, Quezon last June 18, 2016. The outreach involved distribution of school supplies, basic hygiene kits and Gardenia loaves of breads. The said items were given to more than one hundred fifty women and children of Barangay

Mistah & A7 Ministries Joint Community Outreach

Date: 26 Apr, 2016  No Comments  Mistah Foundation

A Joint Undertaking by Mistah Foundation and A7 Ministries March 12-13, 2016 – Bignay II, Sariaya, Quezon Self Defense Training For Children and Youth Together in a joint undertaking between Mistah Foundation and A7 Ministries, both foundations actively participated in a community outreach held in Bignay II, Sariaya, Quezon Province. One of its main objective